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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment

It can be mentally and financially taxing to get rid of bed bugs. We can assist you in getting a decent night's sleep again if you are having bed insect infestation problems.

The effectiveness of our Bed Bug Management programme, which eradicates bed bugs at every step of their life cycle, stems from our understanding of the bed bug's life cycle.

You can be sure that your problems will be effectively addressed without burning a hole in your wallet thanks to the flexibility of our treatment programmes, which are tailored to your needs and the severity of the infestation.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Clothing, furniture, or baggage can all harbour bed bugs or their eggs, which are subsequently carried wherever these objects go. Bed bugs can enter your home or hotel quite easily due to their small size and preference for hiding in cracks and crevices during the day.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

If you travel frequently, there are some precautions you can do to make sure bed bugs don't accompany you home.

When You Reach The Hotel:

Head straight for the bathroom - Give your hotel room a full bed bug inspection before enjoying the minibar or oceanfront view, and while you're doing that, leave your bags in the bathroom.

Check your bed first before you enjoy the view - How to detect a bed bug infestation is as follows: Check all around, under, and behind the headboard after pulling back the linens. Keep an eye out for any blood stains or tiny black spots that resemble mould or powdered pepper.

Keep luggage off the ground and wrap suitcases in plastic - Avoid leaving bags and suitcases on the floor or a second extra bed. A room to room transfer of bed bugs is possible. Keep your bags on the desk, the top of the dresser, or a baggage rack in the room throughout the duration of your trip. (Also, don't leave clothing out in the open!) Throughout your vacation, keep your suitcase wrapped in plastic for added security.

In Your Home

If you are worried you have brought bed bugs back home after your travels, there are a few things you can do to reduce them from spreading to your home:

Leave your luggage in your garage or in the bathroom - If bed bugs are present, you will be able to see them more easily than on carpet because they dislike the tiles and concrete.

Remove clothes immediately once you reach home and wash/ dry clothes at the highest possible temperatures.

Put your suitcase/ luggage in the sun - To assist get rid of any bed bugs, spend a couple of days away from the residence.

Vacuuming - can significantly reduce the number of bed bugs, but only if they are easily identifiable. It cannot ensure complete eradication. (Clean and empty the vacuum to stop eggs from spreading to other rooms.)

The easiest way to get rid of bed bugs is always to have a professional pest controller treat you.

In Your Hotel or Dorm

It is impossible to totally prevent bed bugs from infesting your hotel or hostel rooms given the volume of visitors coming and going. However, early discovery can help you prevent an infestation from spreading:
  • Teach your workers how to spot typical bed insect symptoms.
  • Make sure that your room cleaning procedures include a thorough inspection for bed bugs.
  • Establish a procedure for dealing with bed insect reports.
  • Examine nearby rooms to see if the bed bugs have spread (although Rentokil will do this as part of our emergency response survey).
  • To schedule a full examination and bed bug control programme, get in touch with Rentokil right away.

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