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Bird Control

Although birds play a significant role in Malaysia's local environment, their impact on homes and businesses' health and safety can be disastrous. You must use bird control or bird proofing to safeguard yourself from these dangers.

In order to best meet your demands at the location, we offers a wide variety of bird solutions, including bird deterrents, bird netting, and bird grille.

Bird Deterrent and Bird Repellent

Bird deterrents and repellents are adaptable and efficient solutions that may be installed in any area of your property where birds congregate without harming the birds.

Point Deterrent

One of the best and most reliable devices is the point deterrent or bird spikes. Bird spikes, which are intended for areas with large infestations, make it impossible for birds to settle and force them to roost elsewhere.

Features and Benefits:
  • Discreet - Using a control system that is scarcely noticeable will protect your property.
  • Long Lasting - Durable stainless steel spikes
  • Cost Effective - Long-term effectiveness in bird control
  • Harmless & Non disruptive - Ethical approach without causing physical harm to birds

Track Deterrent

The UV track deterrent periodically shocks birds with gentle shocks without hurting them. To prevent weather damage and give them a sleek appearance, these tracks are covered with conductive plastic.

Features and Benefits:
  • A discrete design with a low profile of only 8mm
  • Dependable and durable
  • can be used a lot on historic sites and difficult building requirements
Gel Repellent

To keep birds from roosting on your property, use gel repellant. It has a food-grade, non-toxic component that slightly irritates the birds. Birds eventually learn to stay away from the area after a few visits.

Features and Benefits:
  • Discreet
  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable and used on any surface

Eye Deterrent

When used in conjunction with other bird proofing options like bird spikes, the eye deterrent can help reduce problem bird populations. Birds are irritated by the solution's continual rotation and reflection of sunlight.

Features and Benefits:
  • Offers both an electric and a wind-powered version.
  • Restricts birds' ability to settle on any surface
  • A kind method to discourage birds without endangering them physically

Wire Deterrent

Large birds' unsteady landing surface created by a post and wire system. This nylon-coated wire irritates birds without harming them.

Features and Benefits:
  • Unobtrusive, nearly undetectable design
  • versatile device that can be installed on different surfaces
  • It is kind and does not harm birds.

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