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Mosquito Control

In Malaysia, mosquitoes are viewed as obtrusive pests that leave red, unpleasant bite marks on our skin. Despite their diminutive size, these insects are unquestionably the worst.

Many diseases, including dengue, malaria, and zika, are conveyed by these vectors — carriers of dangerous viruses and bacteria. In actuality, mosquitoes are to blame for approximately 80,000 dengue illnesses and 170 fatalities annually. The possibility exists that the presence of mosquitoes could endanger you and your staff.

Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM)

The four steps of Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM), a comprehensive programme for mosquito control, are exclusion, restriction, treatment (destruction), and monitoring. IMM is uniquely created to manage your infestation by combining science-based control approaches with creative ideas to fight a mosquito's life cycle at every stage.

Exclusion - Use window screens and netting to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

Restriction - Get rid of places where mosquitoes can grow and hide, such as stagnant water in pots and basins.

Treatment (Destruction) - Larviciding and fogging are two cutting-edge, market-leading strategies for controlling mosquito populations.

Monitoring - Ascertain that after control is accomplished, preventative measures like ovitraps and adult mosquito traps continue to function.

Mosquito Control Solutions

Each stage of the mosquito life cycle is targeted by our mosquito solutions, which also take into account the demands of both homes and businesses. Each of our solutions has been demonstrated to be successful in managing and controlling mosquito infestations both inside and outside, offering a comprehensive defence in any setting.

A proactive mosquito control strategy can stop the spread of dengue fever to you and your loved ones as dengue cases are on the rise. Protect your family and employees with our mosquito control solutions today to prevent Aedes mosquitoes from spreading dengue and risking your life.

Ovitrap - By luring insects into the trap where they lay their eggs, the consumable then prevents the emergence of the eggs, preventing the propagation of mosquitoes.

Indoor LED Mosquito Trap - When used indoors, the LED mosquito trap is 3–4 times more effective than traditional bug light traps. Our indoor LED mosquito trap uses little power, makes little noise, is compact and lightweight, and eliminates bug debris while eradicating your mosquito problem.

Adult Mosquito Trap - When used on the property's perimeter, this technique traps adult mosquitoes and serves as a secondary barrier to keep them out of your building.

ULV and Misting - To treat flying insects like mosquitoes and flies, the Ultra Low Volume (ULV) and Misting techniques use water droplets mixed with insecticide. It works well in wide areas when mosquito breeding grounds are difficult to find. There is a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution that is suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

Thermal Fogging - In comparison to diesel-based fogging, our thermal fogging solutions are water-based, which lowers carbon emissions, is a more environmentally friendly choice, is more safer for our customers, and has no smell. We can guarantee that your mosquito infestation is under control with routine treatment.

Larviciding - Larvicide is used to kill mosquito larvae in stagnant water areas including storm drains, small ponds, and swimming pools. Our most recent invention, acoustic larviciding, which generates acoustic energy to immediately eliminate larvae, has also been made available for bigger areas. Any need can be easily accommodated by customising this device.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

A swarm of hungry mosquitoes can ruin an evening more than anything else. By reducing mosquito habitat on your property, you can keep the population under control.

Install mosquito netting/screen on all windows - to keep mosquitoes from getting inside the home.

Remove stagnant water - discarded bottles, cans, and unused tyres to keep Aedes mosquitoes from using them as hatching sites.

Clean and discard - Once a week, remove any dried leaves that could clog the roof gutters to avoid water stagnation.

Cover all water containers - in order to stop the breeding of mosquitoes.

Change water - To stop mosquitoes from breeding, place larvicide in vases, pot bases, and water containers at least once a month.

Clean and clear drains - weekly around the house to keep it from clogging.

Keep swimming pool clean - even while not in use, every month, and chlorinated.

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