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Wood Borer

How to Get Rid of Wood Borers

Uncontrolled wood borer infestations have the ability to worsen and cause damage to timber flooring, doors, and furniture. The next action will help prevent wood borer infestations:
  • Try to keep furniture, doors, and other wooden items dry since wood boring beetles are drawn to the moisture content in the wood.
  • For wood surfaces, caulk gaps and crevices to prevent wood borer reproduction.
  • To stop the infestation from moving to new areas, remove infested wood.

Experts in Wood Borers

Our experts have a thorough understanding of the habits and lifecycle of wood borer and are fully qualified, licenced professionals. As part of our integrated pest management strategy, we use the PEST technique to make sure your company is effectively protected:

Partnership — In pest management, collaboration with clients and sharing of responsibilities are essential.
Education and Exclusion — Speaking engagements and educational resources to uphold general good housekeeping standards to eliminate potential wood borer breeding places and tips on insect-proofing doors, windows, roof vents, etc. to reduce insects accessing the premises.
Sanitation — Sanitation and waste disposal procedures should be followed to prevent infestation.
Treatment — Utilizing the best wood borer removal method for your particular situation.

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