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Type of Treatment

Type of Treatment for Commercial and Residential

When carrying out a treatment for termites, prevention is the best solution. Termite control and recommends inspections of a property be carried out at least annually in order to assess barriers in place and detect any concealed termite entry. Our technicians will determine the risk level of your area and advise on required treatments or frequency of inspections in accordance with the Standard.

When it comes to treatments, we are able to offer inspections, monitoring and baiting stations, chemical barriers and reticulation systems.
Termite Inspections

These are available for an annual on going service for your current home or in the case of purchase of a property (Pre-Purchase Inspection). All of our Termite Inspections are carried out in accordance with Malaysia Standard and come with a comprehensive written report identifying our findings and recommendations to keep your property termite free.
Monitoring and Baiting

This option may be required if chemical treatments are not desired on the property or if the construction of the property may allow for concealed termite entry. Xterm Termite Baiting system the most advanced when it comes to monitoring and baiting.

Through the inspection process, our experienced technician can observe the diminishing colony until it is eliminated. The station is then cleaned, bait removed and interceptors replaced.
Other Pests

For all of your other pests including ants, rats & mice, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, fleas, millipedes, and more, we are able to offer a once off treatment with a limited warranty or we can tailor year round protection covering all pests at a low monthly fee.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians use the latest technology and most up to date control methods available to carry out your pest protection.

Hitotsu offers all forms of termite control for new construction. Our clients include the multistory construction builder, the project home builder, boutique home builder, architect design builder and owner builder. We work closely with our builders and liaise with councils and clients to keep everyone informed with their termite control.

Although pest control is a small part of construction, your options should be explored thoroughly and treatment should be carried out right the first time to prevent costly damage in the future. The best methods can only be done during the construction process so once termites attack, treatment options are limited.
Type of Treatment for Construction
Chemical Treatments

A pre-slab spray or hand spray is the cheapest form of termite control during construction. This involves the application of a chemical spray to the prepared sand pad following plumbers pipe run in and prior to the placement of the waterproof membrane and mesh ready for concrete.

The life expectancy of these chemicals under slab is expected to be between two to three years. A chemical treatment under slab (Part A) is generally combined with a perimeter spray (Part B) of the structure prior to the placement of garage slabs, porches, paths, paving and landscaping.
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