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Termite Control

Termites can reduce the value of your house by more than 25%, did you know that?

If left ignored, a termite infestation can result in expensive repairs and growing frustration. Furthermore, when the roof collapses due to a significant termite infestation, injuries or deaths may result. Anti-termite treatment is crucial because subterranean termites may completely damage a timber door frame in just two weeks.

If you discover evidence of termite activity on your property, you should only trust the most seasoned and expertly trained pest control to quickly and effectively remove the threat of termites and restore your sense of security and safety. Our service technicians receive ongoing training to guarantee that their abilities to supply our customers with appropriate anti-termite management solutions.

Termite Baiting Treatment

A termite baiting plan has been specifically created to protect your home against Coptotermes termite infestations. By utilising cutting-edge termite detecting tools and sophisticated termite baiting techniques, our treatment eradicates termite populations.

You won't have to worry about anything with our service package warranty of up to 8 years, which includes retreatment service. Offer 0% interest payment plans with various payment options.

Termite Monitoring Solution

To reduce the possibility of a termite infestation in your property, Termite Monitoring Solution (TMS) was especially created. This system, which takes a proactive approach, keeps an eye on your home for any termite activity before it becomes an issue, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Liquid Termiticide Treatment

One of the best anti-termite treatments now on the market for complete termite control is liquid termiticide. With our skilled service specialists and service package warranty of up to 8 years, our Liquid Termiticide Treatment offers a comprehensive defence against termite infestations on your property, leaving you worry-free. Both newly refurbished properties and older ones are eligible for this treatment.

Termite Prevention Tips

Termites are incredibly skilled at locating the entrance to your property. Through microscopic holes and gaps smaller than 1/16 inches wide, they can enter any building. To make matters worse, there could be up to six underground termite colonies on your property, each of which could contain millions of termites.

Allowing them to easily enter your home is the last thing you want to do. However, as termites need food, water, and shelter, removing these sources will help to keep termites from colonising your property. The following advice can help you prevent termites from making your property their home.

Remove tree branches, debris, cellulose materials and dead leaves around the property - Subterranean termites find tree branches or cellulose materials against the wall to be an appealing food supply and nesting location. It may also conceal signs of a termite infestation in your house.

Repair leaking taps and pipes - By fixing these leaks, you can lower the moisture levels that draw underground termites to your home.

Use only termite treated wood in garden beds, retaining walls or fence posts - Garden beds and retaining walls made of untreated wood will draw termites to your property, so avoid using them. Do not apply mulch to your gardens either.

Don’t allow climbing plants or bushy gardens to grow against the structure - Termites can enter your property's structure by climbing plants that are growing against its side undetected. Some plants' roots have the ability to pierce the foundations of your home, providing termites with simple access.

Remove dead trees and stumps - Stumpy areas and dead trees make excellent nesting locations for termites. To lessen the risk to your property, get these removed or treated.

Ensure all scaffolding wood is removed after construction - Scaffolding is frequently attacked by termites, who then use it as a doorway inside your house.

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