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How to Get Rid of Rats

The presence of rat droppings or bite marks on wood or plastic is a sure sign of rat infestation in a business. Rats are huge pests that can spread diseases like Leptospirosis, damage property by chewing wires, and even cause fires.

In addition, rats can disrupt operations, cause product recalls, and jeopardize the reputation of businesses. Once the public learns that your property might be infected with rats, you can be sure that there will be backlash and commercial avoidance. In order to prevent these catastrophes and guarantee that business activities are working effectively, proper rat pest management is required. Additionally, knowing how to stop them can assist in lowering the possibility of re-infestations and preventing unwanted scandals.

Integrated Rodent Management (IRM)

Exclusion, Restriction, Treatment (Destruction), and Monitoring are the four elements that comprise Integrated Rodent Management (IRM), a comprehensive rodent control method explicitly created to manage rodent infestations successfully and efficiently. To get rid of your pest problems, we combine science-based control techniques with creative alternatives.

Our Rat Solutions

We have solutions that may efficiently manage rodent infestations in high-risk regions while also meeting the demands of any organization. Rat infestations can result in significant financial losses due to product recalls, forced closures, disruption of corporate operations, and reputational damage to companies. In order to prevent these catastrophes and guarantee that business activities are functioning properly, proper rat pest management is necessary. As part of our rodent pest management, we advise Integrated Rodent Management (IRM).

How to Prevent Rats

It can be very upsetting to find rats in your house or place of work. Fortunately, there are methods to keep rats away and prevent an infestation. Making your home inaccessible to them and taking away easy access to food and water can make a significant difference. Even though they only consume between 15 and 60 milliliters of water per day, rats require constant and easy access to a water supply. They will consume practically anything, however they favour eating a variety of meals in tiny amounts.

Rat Deterrent Tips

Below are some tips that can help you deter a rat problem:
  • Foods should be kept in glass or metal containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Keep the house and garden clean; less clutter implies fewer hiding places.
  • Place outside trash bags in metal containers with tight-fitting lids to prevent animals from consuming the contents.
  • Pet food should be stored in sturdy containers with fitted lids, ideally above ground level, and bird seed should be cleaned up.
  • Keep garden areas clean of trash. If you have a compost pile, avoid adding organic food waste because it can draw pests.

Proofing Your Home

Rats will take advantage of any chance to get inside your house in quest of protection and food. Brown rats prefer to burrow more and are excellent swimmers in sewage and drain systems, while black rats are exceptional climbers and would happily use roof space. Both species will nibble at openings to make them wider and easier to squeeze through. We know the proper approach to pest-proofing your home or commercial property because we are familiar with the habits and behaviors of various rat species. Find out more about pest prevention.

Need Professional Rat Deterrents?

HITOTSU PEST CONTROL's tamper-resistant rat bait stations are a reliable rodent deterrent that is safe to use even in areas with kids or pets around.

If a rat problem has been found in your home or place of business, our pest control specialists can offer the best remedies. The most certain way to ensure a long-term solution to a pest problem is frequently through the use of professional services.

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